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As with every modern technology there are different variations, some that are more efficient and others that offer less efficiency but more familiarity. Renewable energy is no different and within this article we look at why we are proud to offer solar panels equip with PERC technology and why it is superior to standard solar cell technology:

Our comparison is drawn between grade ‘A’ panels.

Standard/traditional panel technology

Standard solar cell structure have been in the market for many years and was pivotal in the introduction of solar panels decades ago. When this technology first came in market these panels were seen as cutting-edge and still attribute to 80% of the worlds solar panels today.

These panels which are created with the following material offer users a high energy conversion/efficiency rate.

·       Screen-printed Silver paste front contact;

·       Anti-Reflective Coating (ARC);

·       Silicon wafers that form the P-N junction;

·       Aluminum Back Surface Field (Al-BSF); and

·       Screen-printed Aluminum paste layer


PERC panel and why are they more superior?

Firstly, let’s explain what PERC stands for, it is for either Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell or Passivated Emitter and Rear Contact.

In terms of difference versus a traditional panel, in a nutshell, a PERC solar cell is simply a more efficient solar cell, meaning that solar panels built with PERC cells can convert sunlight into usable electricity more easily. Solar panels made from PERC solar cells typically perform better than traditional panels in both low-light conditions and high temperatures. PERC technology boosts efficiency through the addition of a layer to the back of a traditional solar cell, which provides several benefits to the cell’s production. We find this is particularly useful for our customer base who are in either warmer climates or those that do not experience generous hours of sunlight.

PERC solar cells are an exciting technology that since its inception UK Solar Power have been following because of the efficiency gains they provide over standard solar cells. Additionally, moving to PERC panels because of the moderate manufacturing changes can still be delivered as a cost effective option that allows customers to enjoy value and optimal performance.

When choosing Solar panels built with PERC technology it allows for more ‘energy-dense’ solar installations. This means that you can generate the same amount of energy using fewer PERC solar panels than they would with more standard solar panels. By needing fewer solar panels for your installation, your costs can be reduced. Additionally, the fewer panels you need, the more flexibility you have on your roof to position your panels. If suitable roof space is limited, using PERC solar panels or any high-efficiency panel product can make a solar installation capable of the power you need within a smaller space.


To obtain full information on our panel efficiency and specification click here to download our spec sheets.

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