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UK Solar Power is a quality-backed British owned and registered company that manufactures and installs British & European standard solar products globally. 

Born in 2014, when UK Solar Power’s founders came together to create a brand (UK Solar Power) to fit the niche they spotted in the market. Following many years of working within senior teams on development phases and being involved in the commissioning of several large domestic and commercial projects globally, the team of highly-experienced Directors felt they could provide the renewable energy market with a quality-assured brand that offers customers the very best British products, delivered and installed on a global scale.


In recent years UK Solar Power has expanded and now offer services and products in most areas of renewable energy including the installation of Electric Vehicle charging points and UK PV solar Maintenance and installation.


Today UK Solar Power offers a wide range of products to suit many of the domestic and commercial needs for renewable energy. Every solution is delivered using the very best quality, service and expertise available, the team which has expanded globally are on hand to support and advise you of the best solution available.

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Here are some of the benefits of becoming a UK Solar Power reseller or installer

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