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Deadline 2040

The UK Government has announced that all new cars sold in the UK will have to be 100% electric powered

£400m : This is what the government has assigned for provision of electric charging points


31.5 million: the number of cars registered in the UK  (Source RAC June 2018)


78 cars to 1 charge point 

With a charge point costing around £1,000, the £400m will only provide 1 charge point for every 78 cars.

Only 1 in every 3 cars will get charged

Even if cars were charged one after each other 24 hours a day 7 days a week , with no gap between one car and the next and no broken charge points, only 1 in every 3 cars would get charged.


Do you want to compete with everybody else to get your car charged? If not act soon as the government are giving grants covering 75% of the cost of the charge point

If you have a garage, land or off road parking  , contact us below and we will install your very own charging point .


Save around £2,500 a year on your car running costs. An Electric Vehicle owner will on average save around £2,500 per year .


The electricity cost is less than 2 pence per mile, and you have no road tax, no congestion charge, low service costs and low insurance

Get a grant of £3,500 right now: Convert to Electric now. The government are giving grants of up to £3,500 if you purchase a new electric vehicle but they will soon remove these* . * They have already reduced the grant levels.

Contact us and make the switch to save money and improve our environment.


If you are an electrician interested in installing EV charging points: Contact us as we are keen to discuss with you our business model through which you can also benefit financially from this revolution in the car industry

Are you interested in joining our global

EV charging point

installer team?

UK SOLAR POWER is looking for partners across the globe to pilot our EV charging points services. This is a unique opportunity for our global audience to get involved in the next big global shift for a greener planet. 

Global EV Installers, UK's Global Solar shop
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Electric Vehicle Charging Points

Download the UK Govt EVHS guidance for consumers

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