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Solar panel data sheets & presentation
Solar panels spec & catalogue
120 half cell solar modules.jpg

PERC Half cell module 120 & 144 cells 158.75mm

144 half cell solar panels.jpg

PERC Half cell module 120 & 144 cells 166mm


Bifacial Double glass 6" 72 cell


Bifacial transparent back sheet 6" 120 & 144 158.75mm


Solar panel presentation and full data sheets


Mono PERC 5 Bus Bar 380-405 watts 72 cells


Poly PERC 5 Bus Bar 270-290 watts 60 cells


Mono PERC 5 Bus Bar 320-340 watts 60 cells

whole cell
Inverter spec sheet
Inverter data sheets

Afore inverter > 60kW central inverters

Battery spec sheet
Untitled design (2).png

Battery catalogue

Solar pumps
Solar pumps
solar pump  pic.png

Solar Pump catalogues

Solar cables
Solar cables & MC4 data sheets
solar cable T2.jpg

Solar cables & MC4 connectors

Solar brackets catalogue
Ground mount 3.jpg

Solar brackets

Solar street light
Solar street lights & street light/CCTV catalogue
120W - 1.jpg

V9A V9C cctv solar street light catalogue 

UKDSL 1.png

UKDL Domestic street light catalogue

remote control 3.jpg

UKFL Domestic street light catalogue

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