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Domestic and commercial services

The demand for both commercially and domestically for Solar energy has grown rapidly over the years. In recent months/years, the world has attuned to how we (globally, nationally and individually) can reduce our carbon footprint and the catastrophic effect our current fuel consumption behaviour is having on the environment. With this in mind, solar products are becoming a household familiarity, in fact, it is rare to find a road or village/town without the site of sleek solar panels glimmering in the sun, still powering in the rain and supporting energy production even in the poorest of winter days. Now more than ever we would encourage you to join the ever-growing solar user community; whether you are a homeowner, commercial premises or civil service building the benefits are plentiful, including:

Saving money – reduce your energy bills instantly!

By generating your own free energy, you don’t need to buy much from your energy supplier. This can save you a lot of money and protect you from the ever increasing energy bills. This energy could power many things in your home, from heating your water to charging your electric car! The more of your own energy you are able to produce, the less you have to worry about any rising energy prices. Join the thousands of homes that are benefiting from cheaper energy bills by installing solar panels and generating their own electricity.



The lifetime cost per kWh of solar energy cost is remarkably low, around 7.5p and the unsubsidised cost per kWh being around 9p Vs the grid cost being at 15p+

An average roof mass would require 4kWp solar system, so this should bring a saving of at least £400 per year.


Go green, reduce emissions!

Aside from the savings that you could make on your household bills by using solar panels, solar power is better for the environment. Solar electricity is green renewable energy and doesn't release any harmful carbon dioxide or other pollutants. A typical home solar PV system could save 1.3 - 1.6 tonnes of carbon per year (depending on where you are within the UK). The larger the roof mass the more energy you can produce meaning the more energy you can generate, this is fantastic for large commercial businesses that often have larger carbon footprints and in turn larger energy bills too.


Why choose UK Solar Power to supply and install your solar products?

UK Solar Power LTD is a successful global brand with over 21 offices and has over 30 years of cumulative installation experience both nationally and globally. UK Solar Power offers the very best advice, experience and service to suit your solar needs. We have over 4,800 global customers that have enjoyed our products and services and often refer to their friends and colleagues ‘to go green too’ Often the main reasons our commercial and domestic clients choose to work with UK Solar Power is the peace of mind, value for money and brand assurance offered.

We manufacture our own solar panels and products, meaning we offer the very best grade ‘A’ quality panels that always come with the very best quality assurance and British-backed guarantees. In addition to the quality products we offer there is never a ‘hard sale’ or pushy attitude towards your enquiry, all of our trained and qualified advisors take great pride in sourcing the very best solution for your needs, irrespective of your spend or requirements. Being in the fortunate position of trading globally and manufacturing our products we offer the most competitively priced solar solution without ever compromising on quality, regulation, insurances and guarantees. UK Solar Power LTD work with a number of large organisations both corporate and charitable and have long-standing partnerships with them in powering their solar projects.


Thinking to deliver a large commercial PV project?

Whether you are just in the idea phase and need some support with your tender or are in a position to deliver a large-scale solar project, UK Solar Power LTD is ready to support you. With a team of enviably experienced Project Managers, Account Managers and technicians we can help you go that extra mile and deliver your project on time and to budget. In addition, we always offer a fully comprehensive structural survey to ensure that solar is the right solution for your building or project. If you would like to receive our commercial PV presentation please email:

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British standard installations irrespective of country


Using our top-grade PERC panels we guarantee more power per square meter


Monitor your solar system from anywhere in the world


Our hand-picked global team are always vetted to British standards. 


MCS compliant installations for our UK customers

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