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UKDL street light containers heading for Barbados...

Working with our recommendable and diligent partners across the Caribbean countries UK Solar Power's popularity across the Caribbean countries has significantly grown, our UKDL and garden lamp range are now some of the most popular across most of the Caribbean countries.

UKDL solar street lights are one of the only brands in the industry within the ABS plastic solar street light range that keeps charge for 12 hours and comes with a British Advance Replacement warranty you can trust.

We are also keen to point out that our customers have compared the brightness of our 50 watt V9A solar street to our competitor's 80 watt solar street lights.

For more information on our solar street light range and for exclusive supplier enquiries for your country, please write to or go to our website to register your interest.

For end-user enquiry from one of our global suppliers, please write to or fill in our contact form by clicking on the 'Learn more' button below. UKSOLARPOWER ENGLAND / CONTACT FORM

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