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Demand longer life & better brightness

Why pay more for a higher wattage solar street light to achieve more brightness when you can pay less for a lower wattage efficiency solar street light with the same efficiency!?

Two of the major concerns as expressed by many of our new customer enquiries are

a) the longevity of the battery 

b) the brightness of the lamp


In many cases the wattage of lamps purchased greatly contradict the brightness of the lamp when installed.


UK Solar Power only use high spec LiFe-Po 4 batteries and high wattage monocrystalline panels for our V9A V9C and V10 models, this is to ensure that the technical parameters are more than adequate to carry the lumens of our higher lumens LED light bulbs guaranteeing even more brightness, so before investing more money on a higher wattage street light you might want to rethink the sizing and parameters of your design when you buy our UK Solar Power solar street lights.

Features -

Solar Panels - Highest wattage Monocrystalline solar panel to ensure maximum charge of batteries during the day in all weather conditions.


Battery source - LiFe PO. 4 battery (Superior battery technology)


  • Longer life than Lithium batteries.

  • More durability than Lithium batteries especially when exposed to harsh weather conditions in hotter climates.


Below is a picture of our 50 watt solar street lamp hoisted from a 9 meter height, the difference is glaringly clear.

50 watt light installed illustration.jpg

Download our full solar street light catalogue below

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Here are some of the benefits of becoming a UK Solar Power reseller or installer

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