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UK Solar Power at the Africa Oil and Gas conference in Dubai

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

At the recently concluded 'Africa Oil and Gas week' in Dubai UK Solar Power held major discussions with top Ministers and Dignitaries of various African countries on the need for diversification from oil and gas in Africa.

From our conversation to date we have found clear willingness from African leaders to foster a better future for their citizens by harnessing the potentials of renewable energy whilst bolstering their current grids.

Africa's burgeoning population and climate change are quite clearly a monumental challenge one that we believe that with the right commitment and application could also be one that the continent stands to benefit from; there is no doubt that with the endless bouts of sunshine that can only be found in Africa, with the right application of solar energy perhaps one day the continent could be sought after as the new go to for 'Global Manufacturing'

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